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A Baby’s First Breath

  Baby Maggie was delivered, but the doctor could not get her to take that all important first breath.     During this episode, I learned something I never knew before. Until an infant takes its first breath, its lungs are full of fluid that for nine months nourishes its body.       When the time is

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Thankful no matter what!

What my Mama said to me the night I overheard her and my Daddy talking about not being able to pay all their bills surprised me. As a small boy, I knew we were poor, but I didn’t know we were that poor.   Mama was a Sunday School teacher in our little church. She always

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I love Mondays. They Help Me Not Be a Spoiled Brat.

When Mondays come around, I feel more grateful than usual. I don’t know about you, but for me Mondays are humbling. They not only remind me of how blessed I’ve been over the past week, but how fortunate I am to have another week to show my I appreciation for all our Father has done

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It’s Monday Morning Again and I’m HOPEFUL

I love Mondays. You know why? Mondays are full of hope. But, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not one of those “think positive and everything will be great” manipulators. All that positive-thinking, believe-you-can-do-anything optimism is self-destructive, deceptive, and worst of all, it’s anti-Christian. Foolish optimism doesn’t make me love Mondays.   I love Mondays because I’m

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Is What I Do in Private Only My Business?

Are your private, personal choices anyone else’s business? Your first thought might be, “No. What I choose to do privately is no one’s business but mine.” Hold that thought until you hear Daniel’s story. Almost three thousand years ago, Daniel made a private, personal choice that affected more people than he could have imagined. Yet,

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