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How can you “hang in there” when you are continually bombarded by physical, moral, and social attacks? Do you sometimes feel like just throwing in the towel?  How can you remain faithful and peaceful no matter what?

My wife can speak with her hands. She knows American Sign Language (ASL). She taught me that the sign for faith is holding one of your hands on top of the other like you are hanging on to rope. What a simple, clear picture of real faith—putting all your hope and dependence on the one holding the rope for you.

Nothing helps more than knowing that our all-loving, all-powerful God is always with you and is always aware of everything in your life. How amazing is it that our Heavenly Father knows every detail of our daily walk? Jesus says our God even knows when one of the over three billion tiny birds in the world falls to the ground. Think about it. He says our God knows how many hairs you have on your head. (Luke 21:18).

We can overcome and actually thrive in the worst the world can put on us when we focus more on our Lord’s power and presence than our problems and perceptions. When what you’re going through is painful and confusing, you CAN do more than “hang in there.” By putting your faith in the truth that the Spirit of our Lord will never forget or abandon you, within, you can live above your circumstances. He promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Hebrew 13:5.

Remember today, stay intimately, moment by moment, connected to your indwelling Lord and you will experience his loving security. No matter what, you will be able to more than “hang in there.”

Bill Nichols, PhD. Author of Health Faith: A Strategic Lifestyle Plan to Transform your Head, Heart and Hands.