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Welcome to HealthyFaith.Net

Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope you find some insights that are informative, encouraging, and useful for your daily and eternal life. For most of my adult life, I have sensed God’s calling for me to give my life helping people develop a healthy faith by having a close, intimate relationship with God.

I want my faith to have intellectual integrity, inspirational motivation, and practical application for anything I must face. I am attempting to provide you with the main elements that have assisted me in developing and maintaining a healthy faith. Here are some things I desire for my life. See if you have the same desires for the life God has given you.

  • Experience intimate relationships with God and others
  • Eliminate any misconceptions I have about what biblical faith really is
  • Be able to answer tough questions that are often stumbling blocks to faith
  • Recognize God’s will for my life and continually be aware of His presence
  • Make permanent changes to weaknesses in my faith and relationships
  • Control my emotions to strengthen my faith and make good decisions
  • Have a deep joy and peace that come because of God’s presence in my life
  • Practice daily faith-habits to keep my faith healthy and vibrant
  • Be certain of my eternity with the God who made me

In short, I desire for you a Healthy Faith that thrives no matter what.

Additional Resources

Besides the information about developing and maintaining your healthy faith, my website is designed to provide you with other practical resources to assist you in equipping yourself and others in handling many of the most difficult life and death issues.

Bill’s Blog:

Encouragement and FaithPurpose and Faith

Rioting. What Would Jesus Say?

Rioting. Looting. Burning. That’s what it takes to make change, according to some. Are there circumstances when resorting to violence is the right thing to do?  Our nation is on fire again. In the last several days, violent and peaceful protests are taking place in every state in our country following George Floyd’s shocking death…

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First, Check His Track Record.

    Since I was ten, I’ve loved sharing beautiful parts of God’s creation that come to my eyes and out through my brushes. Painting has been my hobby for all these years, and I still love it. So, you can imagine how nervous I was when I discovered I had a congenital eye disease that…

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Apologetics and FaithEncouragement and Faith

What Gift of God Does Nobody Want?

         “The Fear of the Coronavirus Is More Dangerous Than the Virus,” was the headline of a recent newspaper. No doubt, fear can be one of the most powerful and dangerous of our emotions. Maybe we need to take another look at that powerful emotion we call fear. Of course, it’s powerful and potentially destructive.…

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Easter: The Story Behind the Story

Well, we certainly find ourselves celebrating Resurrection Sunday like we never have before, that is, from a distance! But are we? Maybe during this COVID-19 pandemic, this Resurrection Sunday has us closer to our Lord and more interested in His story of being raised from the dead than we’ve ever been before. At a time…

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