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I recently slipped and broke my arm. How did I do it? Well, I was foolish. The weatherman reported possible hail at our house. So I tried to pull Phyllis’ potted lemon tree under the porch. My feet slipped. I fell back and broke my arm. I wore a cast-like metal brace until my arm healed. It made my daily activities harder, but we all lean to adjust, and as my dad used to say, “Just deal with it.”


Even when we try to do good, we slip and break things. It seems like we are always breaking something. We have broken bones, broken hearts, broken minds, broken relationships and broken spirits. Brokenness if part of life. It demands a response. What’s the best way to do it?


Brokenness is Necessary. Bitterness is Unnecessary.


What should we do with our brokenness? Our Lord encourages us to embrace our brokenness, not be broken again by it. Don’t let you brokenness keep breaking you. Jesus didn’t look at his cross as a curse but a gift to be used by his Father. Whatever has broken you can become a tool for you to use to be a better servant, not a bitter servant. Which will it be? It’s up to you.


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