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HealthyFaith.Net provides collaboration for healthy living through helpful and reliable information for individuals, their families, and the professionals who work with them to support their health, disability and faith concerns.

Our Goals

  • To improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • To support ethical and stringent scientific health research
  • To increase the involvement of patient-advocacy and service organizations, and
  • To help people develop a healthy faith that can thrive no matter what challenges face them

Our Content

The website features original content from its founder, Bill Nichols, and from other leaders in the fields of faith, healthcare, medicine, ethics, and counseling. It insists on intellectual integrity, compassionate care, and practical applications to equip people to handle their most difficult life and death issues.

Meet Dr. George William (Bill) Nichols, Ph.D.

Dr. Nichols is on the Advisory Board of the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics of University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He was founder, President and CEO of the Kaleidoscope Television Network, the nation’s first health television channel. The network’s National Advisory Board (NAB) was composed of 240 of America’s most prestigious non-profit health and service organizations. The network’s CongressionaBill-Nichols-lakeside_520x300l Advisory Board included twelve senators and congressmen and women that were leaders in healthcare and disability issues. The NAB of HealthyFaith.net consists of many of the same organizations.

Bill Nichols believes that a certain kind of healthy faith can enable people to thrive, no matter what. He writes to help the many people who unknowingly struggle with an unhealthy faith that is worse than no faith at all when it makes faith seem weak and ineffective. Bill helps people cultivate a vital, balanced, and resilient kind of faith capable of sustaining you through everything from sudden tragedy to chronic illness.