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Are you tired of having such a cluttered life? How can you escape the confusion, frustration, and weight of such a load without shirking your responsibilities?

Your Heavenly Father has provided a way. It’s simple but not easy. He is challenging you to stop trying to find some secret hiding place or fantasy land where there is no clutter. Instead, he is reaching out to you to learn to live above your clutter.

His answer for your desire for peace in the confusion is not to control your surroundings but to control your attention. He wants you to maintain your intimate relationship with Him with such a consistent intensity that your primary goal of the day is peace from within not from without.

His way is not about controlling your to-do-list or overcoming your circumstances. That should stop being the objective for your day. Instead, make you goal for each day to let His Spirit led you minute by minute into a grateful surrender to his desires for you. As that happens, you will find inner calm in the midst of your outer clutter.