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8 Helpful Things to Say When Someone Hurts

I talked to hundreds of people in their most painful times. I’ve studied what experienced counselors and ministers recommend we should say in the worst of times.

The following list of helpful suggestions is a summary of my experience and what many respected authors recommend we can say when someone hurts.

I hope they give you a little advantage and save you from making some of the mistakes people often make when they don’t know what to say but say it anyway.

Eight Things to Say When Someone Hurts.

  1. Be Accepting: “I don’t know how you feel, but I am here for you.”
  2. Be Sympathetic: “I am so sorry for your loss. Call on me for anything.
  3. Be Hopeful: “Our Lord will be with you. He will see you through this.”
  4. Be Assuring: “You’re hurting right now, but God is present and will provide the strength you need.”
  5. Be Encouraging: “You can handle this. I know you.”
  6. Be Humble: “I wish I had the right words, just know I’m here for you.”
  7. Be Scriptural: “Jesus wept too. He said he would never forsake you. He’s with you.”
  8. Be Prayerful: “May I say a prayer for you? I will keep praying for you.”

My all-time-favorite book on this subject is the small paperback, Good Grief, By Granger E. Westberg. It’s a great little pocket size book to give a friend.

May God help you be helpful to those who hurt.

Bill Nichols