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A New Way of Handling Your Daily Battles.

Will you spend most of your day trying to resolve problems?  That’s how many single moms and dads spend a great deal of their time. They start each day trying to keep twenty family-plates spinning so that none them fall, break, and cause a whole series of new problems. While they thrash about trying to performing their balancing acts, they frantically toil at a job they can’t stand.


That’s also exactly how many married couples feel who are constantly arguing, crying, and threatening to break up with each other while trying to handle sick children, doctor bills, and not enough money.


Problem-solving is so prevalent that we can let it become our all-consuming activity. Let’s be realistic, we cannot escape our problems. But, another part of reality is that there is another way to handle our long list of problems that is far more productive and strategically healthy than the way we’ve grown accustomed to using. I’ve seen this way work in my life and for many others. I recommend it to you.


Knowing what to do first is important. The best place to begin this new approach is to stop filling your mind and heart with so many plans and worries about winning your battles that you can hardly think about or do anything else.


Each day before you step onto your personal battle field, begin by asking yourself an important preparatory question. “As I begin these challenges, with all the things I would like to accomplish, which one do I want most when this is over?”


As a follower of Jesus, your primary purpose in facing any situation should not be solving your problem but pleasing your Savior. And, what pleases Him most is staying in a close relationship with Him so that you follow his lead in all you do.


Picture your body as the house where Jesus’ Spirit lives. Allow him to work through you. Consult with Him as your inside source of knowledge, love, and patience. Let others, especially your problem-makers, see His way as they observe how you respond to them.


Don’t let overcoming your problems overcome your primary purpose, or eventually you will lose your desire to deal with your problems. Remember, He is the source of your healthy desires and choices.


You will never solve every problem or win every conflict, but, if you use this healthy strategy, you will have much healthier thoughts, feelings, desires, and yes, responses to your problems. And, you’ll get a bonus on the side—you’ll help other people in a healthy way.