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5 Classic Tests for What Is Moral or Immoral


Is it ever right to kill, buy illegal drugs, get a divorce, abort a fetus, or sell your body to make a living? Have you noticed that these and other moral questions get contradictory answers? How do you know if what you’re doing is moral or immoral?


Over the centuries, Bible-teachers have used five timeless tests for guiding Christians in making moral decisions. Before you make a decision about what you are now doing or are about to do, make sure it passes these 5 Classic Tests for what’s Moral or Immoral.


  1. The test of CHARACTER


Ask yourself, if I make this decision, what will it do to my character? Will my conscience be clear? Will my Heavenly Father be proud of me?.


  1. The test of AUTHORITY


Ask yourself, if I make this decision, who is my authority? Is this taught throughout the Bible or is it just something I accept as truth to justify my behavior.


  1. The test of PURPOSE


Ask yourself, if I make this decision, what is my purpose? What do I really want? Who will benefit most from this choice? Will this decision be consistent with God’s purposes for my life and the lives of those for whom I care?


  1. The test of RELATIONSHIP


Ask yourself, if I make this decision, how will it affect my personal relationship with my Lord? Will your choice draw you closer to him? Will it please him?


  1. The test of ETERNITY


Ask yourself, if I make this decision, where will it take me? What are the probable long term results? What are the eternal consequences for me and others?



Bill Nichols

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