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No Surprise to Surprising Faith Research


Did you read the recent breaking news about the surprising research on faith? The Aug 31, 2015 edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology gave the findings of a recent research project on faith and meaning in life. One of the conclusions to the research project was that people who have meaning in life handle surprising or difficult circumstances better than those who don’t. Hello? Surprised?


No Surprise. Not New. But Appreciated


The surprising part of the research project was not that meaning is good but that anyone would spend time and money doing that much work on something we all already know. Anyone of faith knows the difference having meaning or purpose has in our lives. Who doesn’t know just how important meaning in life is?


Do you care about your purpose in life?


Do you need to have meaning in your life or can you just live your life without ever thinking about such questions? Human are the only creatures that ask those kinds of questions and seek to find meaning for why we are here and where we are going when we die.


Lost in the fog of our experiences


Finding meaning in our life is at the core of our life. It is only through having a purpose in life that we can make sense of our existence. Put more bluntly, without personal meaning, we are completely lost in the fog of our disorganized and disturbing experiences.


Meaning in life is not theoretical


Having meaning in your life is not merely some theoretical or philosophical idea. It’s what gives you the ability to have a healthy life and security about the hereafter. To live without meaning, goals, or values produces a life of stress, anger and hopelessness.


Four Ways Meaning in Life Helps


How does having a worthwhile purpose in your life make a difference? First, meaning gives you a reason for living that’s worthy of your abilities. Second, it furnishes values or standards that help you judge your actions. Third, it gives you a sense of control or direction over what happens in your life. Finally, it provides you a deep feeling of self-worth.


Life’s Greatest Purpose


Many emotional, moral and mental problems result from a failure to find meaning in life. The greatest purpose in life is having an intimately-close, personal relationship with your heavenly Father. Do you agree that having that purpose is the key to finding satisfaction in all other needs and desires you will have.