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All spiritually healthy service is done in the Name of Jesus. When we act in his Name, spiritual fruit is produced. Acting in the Name of Jesus doesn’t mean we are acting as foreign ambassadors or representatives of Jesus or that we are merely following his example. Serving in the Name of Jesus means we are in an intimate relationship with Him partnering with him to carry out his purposes.


In the Bible times, one’s name told others where one lived. If my name were “Bill Nichols of Bethlehem,” it would let people know that I was that Bill Nichols who lived in Bethlehem, not the one from Bethel.


Serving in the Name of Jesus, therefore, means to serve God from the place where we are one in our thoughts, desires, purposes, and actions with Jesus. When the Spirit of the living Jesus comes to take up residence in our invisible hearts, he works through us when we follow his lead.


Since the Spirit of Jesus wants to live through us, the most important question for all of us before we begin any serve others is “Am I about to do this in the Name of Jesus?” If our answer is “Yes,” our service will produce spiritually healthy fruit in God’s timing.