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They Blessed Their Children Beautifully

On our last trip to Israel, my wife and I joined a Jewish family for their weekly Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem. I’ll never forget that emotional moment during the Shabbat meal when the father and mother took turns taking each of their children’s faces in their hands. They looked straight into their eyes, and blessed

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Can You Name Jesus’ Seven Last Statements from the Cross?

Can You Name Jesus’ Seven Last Statements from the Cross? While the butchers who tortured and crucified Jesus were playing games, laughing and mocking him, he gasped for enough air to speak. His lips quivered and everyone wondered what he would say. Who could blame Jesus if he used his last words to curse his

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She was Shot for Standing Up for Jesus

“She was shot in the head for standing up for Jesus,” reported eyewitnesses to Cassie Bernall’s execution. Cassie was seventeen when she was murdered in the Columbine School massacre. Her teenage killers put a gun to her head and asked if she believed in God. She knew full well if she answered yes she would

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A Baby’s First Breath

  Baby Maggie was delivered, but the doctor could not get her to take that all important first breath.     During this episode, I learned something I never knew before. Until an infant takes its first breath, its lungs are full of fluid that for nine months nourishes its body.       When the time is

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Thankful no matter what!

What my Mama said to me the night I overheard her and my Daddy talking about not being able to pay all their bills surprised me. As a small boy, I knew we were poor, but I didn’t know we were that poor.   Mama was a Sunday School teacher in our little church. She always

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