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What is your disability? You have one.

Disabilities as Advantages   We all have disabilities. Some disabilities are more severe and more obvious than others. Whatever our disabilities, we should concentrate on activities that we can do well, and not waste precious time focusing on our limitations. It is possible to turn some of our disabilities into our advantages. That is what

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Take the Test – 7 Signs of a Sick Faith

TAKE THE TEST – 7 Signs of a Sick Faith   Be careful. Faith can poison. Not all faith is healthy. If your faith is sick, it will poison your relationships, kill your joy, and destroy your peace. If it is healthy, it will enrich your relationship with God and others, enhance your inner joy, and

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Wear a Paper Clip. Holocaust.

How many is six million?   We need Holocaust museums. When I visited Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, I was so deeply moved that I left the building in tears and silence.   I walked a short distance from the museum and felt the need to be alone and

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