How HEALTHY is your faith?

Bookstores are flooded with books on faith. But there are few practical books that provide what you really want and need most—a step-by-step action plan that creates a faith that works, a faith that has intellectual, emotional, and biblical integrity.

What will Healthy Faith do for you?

Healthy Faith gives you a practical and comprehensive step-by-step plan with intellectual integrity, inspirational motivation, and faith-building exercises. It will enable you to

• Perform a self-diagnosis identifying the problems with your faith
• Experience intimate relationships with God and others
• Eliminate misconceptions about what biblical faith is
• Answer tough questions that are often stumbling-blocks to faith
• Recognize God’s will for you and be aware of his presence
• Maintain permanent changes to your faith and relationships
• Control your emotions to strengthen your faith
• Practice daily faith-exercises to keep your faith healthy and in shape
• Construct your own strategic lifestyle plan for daily use

In short, Healthy Faith works because it empowers you to reframe your story into the faith journey you’ve longed for.

It will help you develop a faith that works everyday in every circumstance. And it gets you what God wants for you—a close, personal relationship with him, producing a life filled with purpose and peace.