Have you ever wondered why we call God God, or if Christ is Jesus’s last name? Can you define the word holy? Do you have questions about miracles and why we don’t see miracles of Biblical proportion in modern history? Are Biblical words like submission, humility, self-control, and righteous clearly understandable to you? God wants them to be. The Bible is the recorded stories of God’s activities in human history and where He reveals Himself and the ways of living that will make us joyful, peaceful people.

The Bible is not always easy to understand. Over time, cultural, religious, and political views have changed people’s understanding of the original meaning of some of the Bible’s key words. These tainted understandings have caused divisions among churches, denominations, family, and friends. Digging Deeper addresses the meanings of thirty faith-foundational words like God, Jesus, truth, holy, grace, faith, miracle, heart, and soul. In examining these words from their earliest pictographic forms through the evolution of language and translations, their original God-inspired meanings become clearer.

Clearly understanding those God-intended meanings will give you a new sense of confidence, freedom, and joy in reading, communicating, and practicing God’s truths. Designed to be a daily devotional book to inspire, encourage, instruct, and comfort you, Digging Deeper is also structured as a resource you can use as you come across these words in God’s Word when you are studying, teaching, or when you are discussing them with others.