Apologetics and FaithPurpose and Faith
My Southern-belle wife, Phyllis, makes the world’s best pecan pie. Are you imagining it? Well then, imagine this: what if she brings the pie to me, places her right hand behind my head and smushes that fabulous pecan pie in my face. How do you suppose I’d like that pie? That’s the way some Christians deliver the good food of God’s truth to people with whom they disagree. . . Even if you’re trying to correct wrong, speak up against terrible teachings, or straighten out immoral behavior, how you deliver your message makes all the difference . . . Charles Spurgeon said it right: ‘The greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit.’ Decide right now to let the Spirit of Christ make you as passionate about the way you speak as you are about what you speak. And may I add, please don’t ever throw your good pie in anyone’s face.”
from my daily devotional book, DEVOTIONS FOR A HEALTHY FAITH