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Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth, Author of Wrote Worth Living plus 29 other books 

“Bill has spent his life pouring into other people’s faith. He knows how to come alongside those who long to grow and make an impact on the world.”


    Beverly Burk
Beverly Burk, Methodist Pastor, Certified Spiritual Director

“Bill Nichols has a wonderful way of inviting us into the tent as he shares stories from his personal faith journey and teaches wisdom that will help us go deeper in our relationship with God. Don’t miss this adventure with a great teacher, preacher and story-teller. We CAN have a healthy faith. Bill Nichols tells us how!


 Karr La Dickens closeup

Karr La Dickens, Missionary, Philippines’ Seminary teacher, International Missions Organization Coordinator

“Dr. Nichols is a scholar, but he has written a book for the “common” people. HEALTHY FAITH is an easy-to-read, wonderfully organized, practical guide for anyone who is searching to understand what it means to have faith in God. It is a book for a non-Christian, for a new Christian, or for a person who has been a Christian for many years.

What is faith? How can I develop a greater faith? Life is going to crash, so how does faith sustain me when life “crashes”? How do I accept this gift from God? Does God speak to me? How do I know? Is increasing my faith hard to do? These are some of the questions that Dr. Nichols addresses.

Dr. Nichols provides some valuable resources including a form to use in developing a strategic plan for your life, tips on how to memorize Scripture, guidance on how to pray, suggested titles to read, and a list of Scriptures for encouragement.

I highly recommend HEALTHY FAITH. It is an encouraging book that speaks to the character of our Heavenly Father who loves us perfectly.”



Jan Patterson, MD., Associate Dean, University of Texas Health Science Center at San A

“I’ve read a lot of good books on faith and spirituality–ones that inform, ones that soothe, ones that inspire. But I’ve never read one with practical, concrete steps on how-to build a healthy faith like this new book from Dr. Nichols. He combines his academic seminary knowledge with stories from years of experience working with others in crises, as well as his own dramatic life story. Each chapter ends with exercises to record, remember, reflect, re-examine, and relate, and with a prayer. It’s a directed way to grow your faith in each of the important areas that are addressed by each chapter. We’ve needed a book like this for a long time. I’ll be giving it to friends, graduates, and family–to anyone interested in growing a healthy faith.”



Nora O. Lozano, Ph.D. Executive Director, Latina Leadership Institute. Theology Professor, Baptist University of the Américas.

“Dr. Bill Nichols’ Healthy Faith offers a concrete and practical path to a better relationship with God, self, and neighbor. After exploring common misconceptions regarding the development of faith, he invites the reader to purposely align his/her mind, heart, behavior, and lifestyle to God’s wise and rich plan for humanity.

Dr. Nichols deals with these topics in a deep, meaningful, and clear way by using solid biblical content, powerful stories, and practical exercises that will propel the reader to seek and experience a more abundant life. ”


Jack Robbins

Jack Robbins, PhD. Founder, International LOVEM Ministries, Inc. Pastor. Missionary.

“Healthy faith starts in the heart, impacts the mind and reaches out through helping hands. Dr. Bill Nichols’ HEALTHY FAITH describes a biblical faith that enables you to move mountains, experience miracles and separate the genuine from the superficial. I encourage you to read this book, digest it, and recommend it to everyone you can!”


Yudith Cruz 1

Eva Yudith Cruz, RN, MSN, Pediatric Surgery at Edinburg Children’s Hospital

“Real life examples. Interesting. Practical. Personal.”


Molly Marshall close up

Molly Marshall, PhD., Author, President Central Baptist Theological Seminary

“Scholarly and practical, Bill Nichols offers a vision of what healthy faith entails. It requires intentional self-examination and constructive pursuit of wisdom, which is honed through attentive practices.

Dr. Nichols plumbs contemporary brain science, the deep wells of Christian theology, and a reflective pastoral practice to offer a pathway toward holistic well being. I commend his thoughtful construction and trust it will find an expansive hearing.”

“Scholarly. Practical. A Pathway to Well Being.”


Brad Russell

Brad Russell, Founder and Senior Editor, FaithVillage.com

“Bill Nichols writes as something of a spiritual internist, diagnosing the most common dysfunctions that undermine true faith, hope and love. Most importantly, he recovers the ancient and time-tested Christian practices that can give believers resiliency.

By addressing the most difficult questions with which chronic sufferers wrestle, Healthy Faith can sustain and liberate readers to experience God’s presence even through the most unresolved difficulties.”


Larry Williams

Larry Williams, PhD. Author, Relationship and Psychotherapist.

“Dr Nichols offers a way to a full and real life through a real and full faith. Having realized this in his own life makes this book a powerful testimony as well as an easily understood guide to a life worth celebrating. A must read for seekers of the abundant life.”