In preparation for writing this book, Bill Nichols spent twenty years teaching this Bible study series. During those interactive lessons with different groups, he discussed the Bible’s key spiritual truths and answered the hard questions people raised about how they could know God. Now he shares those significant faith-building Bible truths and Bible stories with you.

God has one main purpose in giving us His 66 books—so we might know that His greatest desire is for us is to have a close, intimate relationship with Him, and in knowing Him, we might have a healthy faith.

Devotions for a Healthy Faith: Get to Know God Better through His 66 Books is not just another book of devotions. It is a 66-day spiritual journey through the entire Bible, giving you many glimpses into the way God moves and speaks in and through the lives of real people. You will see how God discloses His character, His thinking, His feelings, His values, and His way of relating to His friends and His enemies.

Each day you will read a brief overview of one book of the Bible. You will learn about the author, the book’s context in real human history, and get vital insights into that book’s message and what it has to say about God. Then you will enjoy an inspirational devotional with true-to-life stories on a major theme from that book. You will close with a few carefully chosen scriptures to encourage and challenge you to grow a healthy faith.

Devotions for a Healthy Faith is a daily spiritual journey that will help you get to know God in a more intimate way and will help you grow a healthy faith, a faith that will enable you to handle life’s challenges and prepare you for eternity.