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We took our morning Texas Hill Country hike and spotted our favorite feathered friend, the Vermillion Flycatcher. The 4-inch little red fellow streaked across the sky so fast that I was surprised when I got this snapshot of him in flight. He looks so happy and so free darting around in the sky.

For some reason, that photo brought Jim to my mind. Jim Simmons is a missionary/pastor/friend of mine who died a few days ago.That is, his old body died. But, Jim didn’t die. He is more alive than ever and as free as a bird now.

The last time I talked to Jim, he was looking forward to going home. I don’t fully understand how Christians get from this world to the next or all that heaven is, but I’m just saying, this photo of the Flycatcher made me do a little imagining. I’m imagining Jim’s flying around heaven, unencumbered by his old earthly garment, finally fully free and fully home. Bill