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We love living in the Texas Hill Country and getting up before the sun does. While the day is barely breaking and still darkish, we put on our walking shoes and begin our day.

Usually we get to enjoy hearing one of God’s tiny friends singing. This morning I took this photo of a happy male Northern Cardinal.  What a great way to start a day.

With only the sounds of the birds and crickets breaking the silence, we find ourselves whispering to each other. It just seems like talking out loud would be some sort of violation of this precious gift of God–Stillness.

We all live in a world where so many voices, especially loud ones, vie for our attention. Sometimes it feels like it’s just too much to bear. We wish we could run away to some quiet place where we could be still and find some peace and quiet.

With everyone shouting and pulling at him, it’s no wonder Jesus got up early each day, walked a distance to find the stillness of the garden of Gethsemane, and spent a little time alone with his Father.

Our creator-God built your body and soul that way. That’s why He said, “Be still and know that I am God.” Try going for a walk in the stillness of the morning and see if you sense God’s Spirit speaking to you.