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During a counseling session, a woman told me that God told her to kill her unfaithful husband. A physician, who had a stable, successful practice, told his wife that God told him to leave his practice and go to India as a medical missionary. His wife did not agree. How can we be sure we are hearing the God’s voice?


Sometimes I find it’s not easy for me to know if it is God’s Spirit speaking to me or if it’s some other voice. Don’t feel like you are alone if you have this same problem. Although discerning the voice of God is difficult, it’s not impossible.


When you go through crises, experience confusion, or face a major decision, wouldn’t you like to hear God’s all-knowing voice for comfort and direction? Of course you would. But how can you hear the voice of the great God of the universe? And, how can you know if it is God speaking?


No set of guidelines, keys, or principles for hearing the voice of God is perfect. But, over time I have put together a list of 10 Things to Do to Hear God’s Voice. This list has helped me, and I hope you’ll also find it helpful.


10 Things to Do To Hear God’s Voice


  1. Conscience: Pay close attention to your conscience. He speaks to that part of you.


  1. Creation: Look for God in creation. He often speaks through all parts of his creation.


  1. Unbelievers: Listen to what unbelievers say and do. God often tells us what not to do.


  1. Seek: Anticipate a whisper. God rarely shouts. Listen for his still small voice in your mind.


  1. Humility: Be unselfish in your reason for wanting to hear God’s voice. You’ll hear more.


  1. Bible: Expect to hear God speak through his Word. It’s his clearest way of speaking.


  1. Wait: Silence and waiting are essential parts of hearing and discerning God’s voice.


  1. Relationship: Get close to God and you will hear him more often. The healthier your relationship is, the clearer God’s voice will be.


  1. Motives: Your motives matter to God. Have holy purposes for hearing God’s voice.


  1. Choice: Be intentional. Choose to listen to God more than others. That choice is yours.


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