Encouragement and Faith

Incredible Art. Seemed Worthless

You can’t miss this unusual yet brief video of an incredible work of art. Before you watch it, think about all the significant news happening around us this Christmas season like the San Bernardino massacre, the Stars Wars $238 million debut, the unprecedented landslides in China, and the headlines continue.

With such dramatic and historic events claiming our attention, why do Christians at this time of the year insist on focusing on something as seemingly insignificant as one baby boy born in a stable, in a tiny village, in one of the smallest countries in the world? Who cares?

We Christians not only care. We consider Christmas the central event in history. Christ-mas (the Christ-event), the incarnation (God taking on flesh), was the day the great Creator of the universe chose to come to earth and become human to rescue us from our self-destructive ways.

Christmas reminds us that God made us in his image so we could have a personal, loving relationship with him and with each other. It takes us back to the reality that our Creator designed all of creation to work in a beautiful and harmonious way but gave humans the ability to make our own choices. Our decisions lead us to destroy each other and the rest of the creation, so our Creator came to earth on Christmas day to help us, to save us from ourselves.

Christmas reminds us that ultimately the answer to all of the troubles of the world is found in Jesus, God with us. He alone can take the hardest heart and make it soft and caring. He can take the broken, useless pieces of our lives and make us healthy and meaningful. If we choose him and his way, we and our world can be transformed. Christmas is the perfect picture of how God views us and how far He will go to reclaim and use us. The Bible says, “What the world thinks is worthless, useless, and nothing at all is what God has used.” 1 Corinthians 1:28 CEV

Take just forty-five seconds to view this amazing art-video. As amazing as this video is, it doesn’t even compare to God’s amazing and creative way of taking the pieces of our brokenness and making something beautiful out of our lives.

This Christmas can you see more than the many fractured pieces of God’s creation? Can you see HIS creative and caring work ?


Bill Nichols, HealthyFaith.net