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Where Are You Poor?


We are all rich in some way, and poor in other ways. Poverty is not just about money. Some of us are poor in love, security, peace, family, purpose, self-confidence, friends, or God.


Where is your poverty? What do you not have that you wish you did have? We all have a secret place of poverty. It’s that exact place in our lives where our heavenly Father wants to come to us and enter our lives. Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor.” (Matthew 5:3) Where we are the poorest, the weakest, the greatest sense of need is where he will come to us. It’s in our weakness, not in our strength, that we find his strength.


Unfortunately, in pride, we usually try to hide our poverty. We don’t want anyone to know. We don’t even want to admit our poverty to ourselves. When we hide our poverty, we miss the opportunity to see God’s spirit come into our life.


It’s difficult emotionally for us to be near those who are poor and needy and different that we are. We’d rather be close to those who are rich and healthy. Looking into their eyes and seeing their pain can cause us to feel uncomfortable.


When we hide our face from the poor in mind, body, or spirit, we miss the opportunity to see God in their lives. Is it time for you to look for God in your poverty and in the poverty of others?