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God may be crying out to you!

What horrible pictures and sounds! Our news stays full of shocking videos and voices of the persecuted, mistreated, abused, and the victims of atrocious crimes. We feel deeply for the suffering families, friends, children, Christians in countries like Syria and the suffering ethnic groups. Jesus told his disciples to care for those who suffer and remember, “If you do it to the least of these, you do it to me.” Matthew 5:46


How is carrying out some act of love for someone in pain doing it to Christ Jesus? Like any parent, our heavenly Father suffers when his children suffer. When we share in the suffering of his children, something unexplainable happens to our hearts. It’s happened to me. And, I’ve seen it happen many times to those who work for the first time among the poorest and sickest. They come away changed, closer to the Lord.


When we hear the cries of God’s children, should we hear him crying out to us? Mother Teresa said, “Christ is crying out to us in the lives of the poor.” Let’s work together for justice, peace and healing of those who suffer. As you do, you will become closer to your Lord.