Apologetics and FaithPurpose and Faith

The moment a newborn cries out a collective sigh of relief echoes through the delivery room. The baby is alive and breathing. Air can be life-giving. On the other hand, air can be life-taking. When air moves at speeds over two hundred miles per hour in a killer-tornado, air becomes a horrific, destructive force.

Our words have power. A few simple words can have a positive or negative effect on someone’s life that is far more impactful than most of us realize. If you speak even uncomplicated words like, “I love you with all my heart,” or “You mean so much to me,” or “I pray for you every day,” or “I thank God for you,” to your parent, child, lover, or friends, there is no way of measuring how much your words might mean to your loved one.

Any lifeguard knows that it takes only a little air to save the life of a drowning person. The difference between life and death is getting the air to the drowning victim before it’s too late. Don’t wait until it’s too late, share your life-giving words of encouragement, kindness, compassion, or love today.