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Are you in agreement with the recent Supreme Court’s decision?

Americans are once again split over abortion. The Monday, June 27, 2016, Supreme Court ruling related to abortion clinics, reopened the longstanding and highly divisive abortion debate.


Some are partying. Some are wailing.

Few are indifferent about this extremely personal issue.


Pro-choice voices like The Daily Show rejoiced over the new ruling. In a trending Tweet today the show’s host encouraged Texans to celebrate the supreme court decision and “Go knock someone up in Texas!”


Pro-life leaders like Russell Moore are appalled by the decision. They insist that it “puts unborn children, women, and families at the mercy of a ruthless industry.”


The debate continues. Isn’t it about time to put it to rest? Shouldn’t we just stop debating and let people believe whatever they want?  Never! Too much is at stake for individuals, families, and society. As long as people are still confused and fearful about the consequences of their decisions on this life and death question, we are responsible to provide any help we can.


If you want a excellent article on the biblical view of abortion, I suggest you read my friend, Jim Denison’s article Abortion and the Mercy of God that gives a clear, fair, practical, and honest biblical presentation.


In my next article, I’ll explore some time-tested ways we can make healthy decisions about any moral issue.


Bill Nichols, PhD