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Does One Light Really Make Any Difference?


I love the Christmas Eve candlelight service in our church. All the lights in sanctuary are slowly turned off until the room is pitch black symbolizing the world’s condition before Jesus was born.  

About the time our eyes get adjusted to the darkness, our pastor lights the Christ-candle, a symbol of the coming of the Light of the World, Jesus. The light from that single candle makes a big difference in dispelling the darkness.  

From the Christ-candle, the pastor lights his candle and passes his light on to a few others who then pass on their light to others. Before long every candle in the sanctuary is glowing, and together they removed all the darkness.  

What a beautiful symbol of how we can each be a small part of overcoming the moral and spiritual darkness of our world. By letting the light of Christ shine through our daily lives, one by one, we can make a significant spiritual difference.

Bill Nichols