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Faith Can Infect or Inspire

Be careful. Your faith can infect or inspire. Even with the best of intentions, our faith can hurt others. In his Dynamics of Faith, Paul Tillich, the world-renowned, Christian philosopher, psychologist, and theologian, said, “Today the term ‘faith’ is more productive of disease than of health.” Have you noticed the word faith can mean almost

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Natural Disasters. What You Should and Should Never Say.

Storm is over. Loss of Loved Ones is Not. What you SHOULD and SHOULD NEVER say to someone who hurts. The massive 2016 NE blizzard is over, but the loss of loved ones is not. It reminds us to always be prepared when you want to say something to someone suffering a devastating loss. It

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How can you tell who is telling the truth?

Are you being DECEIVED? How can you know?   Is there any way for you to know whether a person is honest or dishonest, genuine or fake, and truthful or manipulative? When you listen to religious teachers, your marriage partner, your business associates, or your friends, there are five biblical tests for truth that can

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